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UNCOVERED is the debut story of Noja Lina.

It's a M/M Contemporary Romance that incorporates some serious issues.

"Jake postpones buying curtains for his new apartment. At one point, he notices that a man from the building across keeps watching him every morning. Jake then confronts the guy, whom he considers a stalker. Thomas is not actually a stalker and is put off by Jake’s aggressive tendencies. Even so, they continue interacting and a bond starts forming."

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Fire and Clay


FIRE AND CLAY is a fun enemies to lovers M/M Contemporary Romance that features a lot of humor.

"Ian is a skilled but foulmouthed photographer with an aversion to meeting new people, a short fuse and a relatively short stature. One evening, he starts a squabble with Victor before knowing that Victor is the best friend of Ian’s current crush.

With them being in the same social circle and Victor being a model and theater actor, they keep meeting over the course of several months. Their interactions feature an array of jabs at the other’s height, mild aggression and attempts to mock or one-up the other."

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About Noja Lina

Writing has always been a fun activity. Creating interesting and likeable characters and making them come to life as the story unfolds was always a rewarding process in itself.

At some point, I've had the wonderful opportunity of getting positive reactions from readers of my stories. Of course, we all enjoy a little praise. But reactions centered around phrases such as "I had fun", "I feel inspired" or "My day got better" induced truly euphoric feelings.

I decided I want to work harder at creating uplifting romance stories that have such positive effects on those who read them. And I want them to reach as many people as possible. That's why I started my journey into the publishing world.

If you end up giving my stories a chance, I hope they will provide entertainment and other kinds of positive effects for you as well. Thanks for dropping by!



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